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March 24, 2016

Seamless is the Essence of Integration

This is a great post by John Gregory Olson on Go Digital. It ran a bit ago, but I still think his points are spot on.

Consumers want a seamless experience no matter HOW they are engaging with you and your content. Seamlessness is the essence of integration. To deliver a truly unified brand message, one that will drive sales and build awareness, messaging needs to be consistent and content integrated across all channels.

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The widespread adoption of digital and social media has made this truer today than ever before. Your customers are connecting with you and your brand in many different ways. They are consuming content on multiple platforms. As Olson writes, “the journey to a buying decision is a winding path filled with bits of information they pick up along the way.”

Rarely does a purchasing decision or brand affinity happen after one interaction or exposure (or impression, as it’s often called). Read the Integrate & Ignite blog about “The Rule of 20” here.



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